Workplace Mediation Services

Using our proven workplace mediation process and our experienced, national, advanced and international accredited mediators, Workplace Conflict Resolution can support two or more conflicting parties to develop a sustainable and effective agreement around future workplace, business or committee arrangements.

Our workplace mediation services is extremely time & cost-effective. It is a proven and well-accepted alternative dispute resolution process for addressing a complex range of issues.

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Our Mediation Process

Our workplace mediation process involves conducting individual preliminary meetings with all stakeholders, a period of individual conflict coaching to prepare parties to consider resolution and possible agreements. We then conduct a joint mediation meeting and post mediation follow up including coaching and support for all stakeholders.

All formal mediation agreements are captured in writing and a final binding document is produced.

Workplace Conflict Resolution mediators are nationally accredited and can provide continued external support by facilitating one or more future joint meetings between the parties and/or providing an extended coaching or consultation program

Mediation in the workplace is an appropriate approach to achieving resolution relating to such issues as:

  • Workplace interactions & behaviours such as bullying, harassment or interpersonal conflict
  • Workplace performance and performance management issues
  • Situations that could lead to possible Workcover/Workcare Claims
  • Supporting the return to work of an employee after an extended period of absence due to ill health, physical injury or stress.

Resolving Conflict in Boards and Committees

In your Board or Committee:

  • Has one person become entrenched in defending their view point?
  • Have small, break-away groups formed?
  • Is it almost impossible to achieve consensus around vital issues?

For Boards and Committees to be performing optimally, there should be level of constructive conflict that underpins frank and assertive discussion.

Let Workplace Conflict Resolution meet with your board or committee and help you determine if mediation, facilitation, training or a combination is the most appropriate approach to achieving sound and effective group dynamics that encourages objective discussion and decision making.

Ensure your business is meeting its obligations and enjoys the benefits of operating a harmonious and productive workplace.