Workplace Investigations

  • Are  you unsure how to conduct valid workplace investigations?
  • Have you received an informal complaint or a formal grievance letter from a staff member and are not sure what to do?
  • Does the complaint seem too trivial to address?
  • When is a grievance or complaint informal or formal, serious or less serious?
  • Are you looking for an independent and impartial third party workplace investigators to handle the complaint process?
workplace investigations

Progressive businesses embrace workplace investigations

Businesses that value their employees will always acknowledge any workplace grievance or complaint and quickly move to address the issues through a workplace investigation. If you are not sure what to do, Workplace Conflict Resolution can advise you of the most appropriate course of action – whether that be an informal or formal process – and then deliver a resolution process in a timely, respectful and professional manner with minimal disruption to the work environment and minimal damage to working relationships.

Where the allegations put forward in a complaint involve misconduct according to the organisation’s policies and/or workplace legislation, businesses have an obligation and a responsibility to ensure the matter is appropriately investigated.

If an anonymous workplace complaint has been lodged and the allegations would amount to a breach of policy if substantiated, we recommend that you refer to this blog post on anonymous workplace complaints before taking any action. If you need additional support in handling the complaint, please contact us via the options below.

Workplace Investigations FAQ

Workplace investigations can be a difficult time for all concerned. Apart from the stress of the situation there is also the stress of ensuring that proper process is followed and that policies are adhered to. Many mistakes are made by managers and HR personnel because they are not familiar with the protocols or rights of all the parties involved.

We’ve compiled a resource of Frequently Asked Questions About Workplace Investigations for managers and human resource personnel. The resource includes a video and pdf transcript of Catherine Gillespie, Managing Director of Workplace Conflict Resolution, answering 29 commonly asked questions. To access your copy of the video and transcript click below.

Cultural Investigations

It is appropriate to conduct a workplace department or whole organisation ‘Cultural Investigation’ when management is aware that staff are disgruntled and there are murmurings of inappropriate behaviours creating unsafe work areas but no-one wishes to raise a formal complaint.

Without a formal complaint, HR can often feel they cannot proceed to initiating workplace investigations. However, an organisation has a duty of care to taking all reasonable steps to prevent and if occurring, put a stop to bullying, harassment and other types of behaviour that could lead to physical or psychological injury.

Conducting a cultural investigation can be a vehicle for confidentially and individually collecting information from a wide number of staff. With skilled questioning and thorough analysis of the data, individual behaviours and systemic but previously unnoticed issues can be uncovered. Recommendations in regards to process, training, policy and strategy can then be made to support the redevelopment of a safe and productive working environment.

Workplace Conflict Resolution has experienced workplace investigators and staff ready to interview employees from a single department or the whole organisation as part of a workplace investigation. The provision of a detailed and comprehensive report and post consultation meetings with management allows for best outcome decisions to be made.

Workplace Conflict Resolution can support your business to confidentially and constructively address all grievances or conduct workplace investigations.

We provide independent, impartial and thorough workplace investigations, including the provision of a comprehensive report on the process undertaken, our findings and recommended actions that could be implemented by the organisation to further manage the situation and minimise any future conflict.


Workplace Conflict Resolution is proud to be an accredited member of the Australasian Association of Workplace Investigators (AAWI), a professional membership association for lawyers, human resource professionals, private investigators, psychologists, risk and compliance managers, in house legal counsel and many others who conduct, manage or have a professional interest in impartial workplace investigations. AAWI is a chapter of the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) which is based in the United States.

AAWI mission: To promote and enhance the quality of impartial workplace investigations and provide mutual support for those who work in this field.

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Workplace Investigations Articles

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Ensure your business is meeting its obligations and enjoys the benefits of operating a harmonious and productive workplace.