When in conflict, compromise – right?

When in conflict, compromise – right?

Well…no. I wouldn’t suggest that this is the best way of finding a solution that really meets the needs of both parties.

In the recent past, everyone would have thought this was the right thing to do. I give a little, you give a little and we can settle knowing that we’ve basically been able to get some of what we want – maybe not all – but comforted by the fact that the other party didn’t get everything they wanted either.

So on the surface, it all seems good and the process was relatively quick – phew – bet everyone at the time was glad it was all over so quickly. But later on, when we’ve had time to reflect, you realize that the solution wasn’t as good as it could have been.

Taking time to open up discussion and find what is sitting behind or deeper down than is being revealed in each person’s requests is the key to getting a better outcome for both parties.

This is possible using collaboration as the key. More on that next time….

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Catherine Gillespie brings a wealth of skill to her clients. With particular expertise in teaching communication and workplace conflict resolution skills, Catherine has made a marked difference to the organisations she has worked with. She empowers teams and managers to adopt constructive styles that support harmony, productivity and progress in the workplace.