Investigating a grievance

Investigating a grievance

Having to investigate a formal grievance cannot be avoided. But when you are busy with other competing priorities and the complaint issues or the investigation process seems too complicated – its tempting to give your attention to another task on your list.

Now, more so than in the past, employees seem quite aggrieved about many workplace incidents and issues. In conjunction with being very aware of their right to make a complaint, some HR professionals are being swamped with complaints that require a formal investigation.

Also given the recent amendment to the Victorian Crimes Act, in which bullying is now considered a criminal offense (under the term ‘stalking‘), workplaces must be extremely careful when investigating allegations of bullying.

Workplaces will look to hire external consultants to complete grievance investigations on their behalf. Such a decision might be made if:

– HR practitioners are too busy with other priorities;
– HR practitioners are not highly experienced in this specialist area;
– The case is of a very sensitive or complex nature; or
– The case involves senior personnel.

Workplace Conflict Resolution specialises in providing independent, impartial and thorough investigation services. This includes the provision of a comprehensive report on the process undertaken, the findings and some recommended actions that might be implemented by the organisation to further manage the situation and minimise any future conflict. You may wish to visit our grievance investigations page for more details.

Contact us now for a confidential discussion. We would be happy to hear from you and offer support, even if this is only a discussion about how processes within your organisation will ensure that a complaint is managed within the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.

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