Don’t be too quick to sack ‘the Geek’ in your business

Don’t be too quick to sack ‘the Geek’ in your business

An interesting article in the Melbourne Age newspaper highlights the need for HR to remain objective and unemotional in any decision making process involving dismissal.

A workplace employee who was sacked while on sick leave (and after requesting leave to appear on the TV show ‘Beauty and the Geek’) has had his employment reinstated by a Federal Court with orders for the employer to pay $75,000 in lost pay.

The tables have now turned for this employee who was unlucky in finding love and lost his ‘dream job’.

The recent Court ruling deemed his dismissal unfair given that he was considered an ‘excellent employee’ before taking sick leave for stress and anxiety.

This case highlights the need for HR and Management to follow fair and just processes without making rash or emotional decisions.

Follow this link to the Age article – Geek wins unfair dismissal case.

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