Coronavirus - How Workplace Issues Can Be Successfully Resolved

In this time of unprecedented concern and heightened awareness for everyone, Workplace Conflict Resolution hopes you are in the best position to implement the required steps to remain updated with the relevant state authorities and minimise the risks staff may be exposed to.

As information about Coronavirus Covid-19 evolves daily, we understand there are concerns for all businesses. While COVID19 will be the main focus for all business continuity plans, we suggest there is still the requirement to ensure workplace grievances will still be promptly addressed and effectively managed. In periods of uncertainty, change can be stressful and complaints and conflict may likely increase. Sound and caring management while exploring flexible solutions will be paramount to avoid escalation of these matters which may become a distraction to staff trying to conduct business as best as possible.

Workplace Conflict Resolution has well established processes to assist you with offsite resolution options including conducting mediation, investigations and training via video conference or teleconference options.

Our clients agree:
"Through the engagement of WPCR, the impact of the conflict was managed well, leading to a successful outcome. Catherine conducted the mediation using Zoom with all parties in separate locations. Despite initial concerns the mediation went by without a hitch & the separation of the parties aided in the success. I wouldn't hesitate to engage WPCR for future mediation."

Another said,
"I engaged WPCR to facilitate a conflict resolution matter via phone conference. Thanks to their excellent preparation and follow up we had the best mutually possible outcome we could expect. I recommend WPCR."

We hope that every action taken is to stay updated with accurate information, keep yourself, family and staff well and successfully maintain business operations.

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We care, as you do, about the well being of your staff.

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