Conflict Management Training 

Prevention is better than cure. Workplace conflict is inevitable in any business thus it's essential that all managers, supervisors and business leaders undergo conflict management training. Our programs include modules on understanding and managing workplace conflict, including high conflict situations.

workers pulling a rope conflict management training

Understanding Workplace Conflict

This 3-hour group conflict management training session explores different types of workplace conflict, the phases of conflict and possible dynamics of conflict. This exploration is done with reference to communication skills and workplace behaviours. Participants learn how to conduct positive and constructive interactions with their colleagues and customers and how to de-escalate a conflict situation by choosing from a variety of resolution options.

Managing Workplace Conflict

This 3-hour course continues from the content presented in ‘Understanding Workplace Conflict’. Having an improved understanding of conflict better prepares participants to be able to implement workplace conflict management. Skills taught in this session can be used personally when presented with a potential conflict situation or they can be utilised as a third party outside of the conflict but with a role in supporting the involved parties to reach a sustainable resolution around future actions and outcomes.

High Conflict Situations

High conflict situations include scenarios where staff are being confronted with colleagues, clients or customers who are overly aggressive and intimidating or highly anxious. This 3-hour course supports staff to better understand how their individual reactions to such situations can inadvertently escalate the tension as well as giving insights into the needs that drive people to create high conflict situations. Participants are provided with conflict management training skills and strategies that empower them to be confident, assertive and firm and to constructively influence the situation in a safe and controlled manner.

Conflict Management

Basic Course: exploring hidden conflict factors in a workplace including personality differences and how better to self manage and work with such difference, understanding the phases of conflict and using ‘I’ statements, the E.A.R. model and the G.R.O.W. model to deescalate a potential conflict situation and facilitate appropriate resolution outcomes.

Advanced course: Understanding the use and techniques of a variety of ‘pseudo’ resolution options and how to successfully navigate discussions to achieve reasonable and constructive win/win outcomes, exploring the P.E.A.R.L.I. model of communication and a more sophisticated G.R.O.W. model including facilitating discussions between two other staff members.
(Advanced Course builds on Basic Course and can be run together as a full day session)

High Conflict Personalities

Gaining an overview of the personality trait disorders which are more likely to cause conflict in the workplace, why this is so, how to recognise such behaviours early, being able to engage other stakeholders for a best approach management of the situation and developing strategies to contain the negative impact of high conflict behaviours.
(High Conflict Personalities Course builds on the Basic Conflict Management course and can be run together as a full day session).

Coaching Training to Supplement Conflict Management Training 

These coaching programs are designed to supplement formal conflict management training and assist managers in implementing their new conflict resolution skills in the workplace.

Coaching for Understanding and Change: Conflict Behaviours Coaching

How we interact and behave towards colleagues and customers can, by design or by default, set up negative conflict situations. Often we behave out of habit without taking the time to think and respond appropriately. Our unconscious reactions repeatedly display themselves – so obvious to others yet hidden from ourselves. One cannot change a style of thinking and behaving without first being aware of that style and without having a reason and desire to change. A series of 1-1 coaching sessions explores this and more within an action-learning program to encourage sustained and effective change. Human Synergistics®, Myers-Briggs®, Team Management Systems® and/or Conflict Dynamics® Profiling can be used to support this program.

Conflict Resolution Coaching

The focus of these 1-1 coaching sessions is placed on learning why we make assumptions, how to broaden our perspective on the situation, the possible conflict triggers and the hidden, underlying causes and tensions. Developing coping mechanisms is explored, along with possible resolution options, ways to move forward towards resolution and how to negotiate and abide by agreements.

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