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"I engaged Catherine and her team to provide on the ground support for one of our teams. Our goal was to assist all stakeholders to develop a more fulfiling and productive working relationship. This was achieved by Catherine and her team recommending and implemented multiple strategies designed to suit their individual needs. The process was professional and conducted with the sensitivity required by the situation. I would recommend unconditionally."

Recovery Partners

                          Kelly Brown,                            Founder and Director


“The mediation went ahead with some very difficult parties. I was impressed by WPCR's professionalism with these parties and also appreciated the flexibility and assistance they provided whilst we were organizing the mediation sessions. ”

Australian Rail Track Corporation logo

                          Sarah Crean,                             HR Coordinator


“The value of an external consultant was impartiality, particularly if there is a perceived power imbalance between the parties. Yes a dollar figure was discussed through a quotation to allow us to weigh up the value. Almost immediately within the fortnight the programs affected had moved forward and were back to focusing on service delivery. The critical issue to manage for customers is lost productivity. Speed to resolution of conflict has a direct cost benefit for all. We were very happy with the services and professional advice of the WPCR team."

CEO Not-For-Profit

"Matt Connell and the team at Workplace Conflict Resolution supported us with a challenging workplace matter and mediation. Matt really took the time to understand the issues and the environment to ensure we had the best chance of a successful outcome. Matt was very patient with some of the parties involved which has helped us to manage the issue and move forward. Thanks to Matt and the team! I would highly recommend Workplace Conflict Resolution to anyone looking for assistance with workplace mediation."

Uniting logo

                        Michaela White,                       Senior Employee Relations and Injury Management Leader | Mentor for People & Culture Professionals


“The team facilitation day for me, my team and my business has laid the foundation for success both in the immediate and the longer term. The team has worked through some barriers that have undermined our ability to work together, but more importantly have developed skills to use with each other and with all other members of the team to make sure we do the best job we can. The dollar cost of effective team facilitation is well outweighed by the very real financial benefits that a thriving team can deliver, and the cost of failing to engage with a process like this is far bigger than the bottom line of the invoice.

To the facilitator's individual credit, she was able to very effectively identify barriers and issues to make sure everything was addressed in the right way, at the right time, with the right people, with courtesy and respect (and firmness when needed). This has been a particular strength in your approach that is fundamental to your success, in my opinion.

I do look forward to working with you again, but not in crisis management next time - some team-based education is something I'd like to pursue.”

Business Owner of Multiple Medical Practices, throughout NSW

“I utilised the services of Workplace Conflict Resolution to facilitate a workplace mediation that was skilfully and promptly resolved by the mediator and avoided heading down the adversarial investigation and costly path of a workers’ compensation claim. I can highly recommend Workplace Conflict Resolution in conducting workplace mediations.”

Justin C.


“I would like to thank you for your guidance, encouragement and assistance throughout this process. I felt that there were some really good outcomes and decisions from the mediation.”

                        Mediation client

“The mediation and team facilitation recently undertaken by Workplace Conflict Resolution has resulted in an immediate positive change to a team's culture. The changes we have seen have continued with how the team works together.”

Australian Rail Track Corporation logo

                        Tamara Metcalfe,                       People, Culture and Development Advisor


I engaged WPCR to assist with a team who have been working together for a number of years, as a result they have faced numerous challenges within an inherent culture. The facilitator was able to provide a ‘safe environment’ to open discussions relating to identifying team issues and processes, offering feedback on how a behaviour may impact the rest of the team, negotiating future conduct and setting expectations. The team although initially hesitant, commented on the value of the session.

     Program Manager 


WPCR's Mediator managed the whole situation so professionally and did a brilliant job. I was really uneasy about the whole situation. Thanks to the Mediator's coaching and tips, I was able to prepare and phrase everything positively to get a good outcome. I can’t thank you enough for turning around my negative work situation. I also passed on my appreciation and how impressed I was with WPCR'S Mediator to HR.

Mediating Party


“I was really impressed with the professionalism and way that WPCR's Facilitator managed the mediation. I was in a very emotional state and going through a lot of stress. WPCR's Facilitator made me feel comfortable and eased my stress. I was surprised by how well everything went and the outcome has been really positive. I feel in a much better place now. Thank you! WPCR created an environment in which I was given an opportunity to put my views forward and be heard, and where both parties were treated fairly. I was very satisfied with the process and the standard of service provided. I would encourage other colleagues within my organisation to participate in a similar process if they were experiencing workplace conflict.”

Facilitating Party

"We recently had cause to engage Work Place Conflict Resolution. Through the engagement of WPCR, the impact of the conflict was managed well, leading to a successful outcome. Catherine conducted the mediation using Zoom with all parties in separate locations. Despite initial concerns the mediation went by without a hitch and the separation of the parties aided in the success. I would not hesitate to engage WPCR for future mediation and recommend you do the same."

Radiation Professionals logo

Stephen Ashworth

Business Manager


"Catherine provided an excellent service to my workplace. Her skills and experience were quite apparent and valued by the participants involved. "

University of Sydney logo

Peter Spolc

Manager, Student Affairs Unit


"I had cause to engage WPCR to facilitate a conflict resolution matter via a phone conference rather than the traditional in person method. I did have some reservations as to whether the phone conference would be effective however it most certainly was. Thanks to WPCR's excellent preparation and follow up we had the best mutually possible outcome we could expect. I would not hesitate to recommend WPCR - thank you!"

Northeast Catchment Management Authority logo

Leanne Mulcahy

"Currently XX and I are working very well together and I hope this becomes the new normal. I carry our contract in my handbag every day and if I see any cracks I will immediately raise to resolve."

Senior Branch Manager

Medical Centre, NSW

"Catherine provided an excellent service to my workplace. Her skills and experience were quite apparent and valued by the participants involved."

Mediation Client

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