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“We were very satisfied with the quality of service we received from WPCR. Catherine in particular really engaged with our business and built trust with senior managers to support us during a critical assignment.”

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Harriet Mihalopoulos
General Manager
Human Resources & Industrial Relations


“St John of God Social Outreach has been present in Timor-Leste since 2004, starting with a pathology development program. In 2008, an analysis of the nursing services at the national hospital in Dili indicated that a development program in nursing would also be beneficial to the health services of this small young south east asian country. The nursing program started in earnest in 2010 and as early as 2012 it was identified that developing the leadership and management skills of nurse managers, and in fact, all healthcare managers would assist greatly in improving services.

A leadership and management course is now about to begin this year, and we have been very fortunate to have the assistance of Catherine Gillespie as an external consultant. Catherine recently spent some time with the project team in Dili and offered some great insight to our program, identifying key areas for focus and helping us with the adaptation of developed content to better meet the needs of the participants. "

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Dave Ramsay
Program Manager


“Catherine facilitated a fantastic program for key managers within our Operations team. The program was well structured, engaging and really met the needs of our business providing our managers with useful tools and strategies to assist them to resolve conflict in a practical way. We would certainly recommend this program for any managers, particularly those in a fast paced retail environment.”

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                            Robyn Batson                           Group People & Development Manager


“Catherine provided a series of leadership programs across our organisation. Her energy and engaging approach resulted in strong participation from our staff and provided some valuable tools for our leaders, as well as ongoing support for participants where necessary. Her adaptable approach and desire to address issues was evident in the planning and delivery of the program. I would have no hesitation in recommending the WPCR team to other organisations seeking insights and support.”

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Denis Byrne
Director of Mission


“We have had some really fantastic feedback on the Performance Management Leadership Module. This feedback has come back to me, to other Exec Managers, as well as to the Executive Director (CEO). A couple of the participants have apparently described it as a ‘revelation’. This program is a critical part of our L&D strategy, our strategy to expand our leadership capability and our strategy to reduce the number of significant IR issues in the organisation. It looks like it’s working! We have retained a coach to work from our staff to help ensure that the skills you are imparting are translated into changed behaviour back in the business. The CEO has not only approved this but has been a major driver of it, and he would not have been had the feedback not been so positive. Thank you again for your hard work on our behalf. You have really delivered on these modules.”

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  Theresa Smith


“I used WPCR’s services after identifying the toll that dealing with a high demand team member was having on both my personal and professional life, after recently taking on a supervisory role within my workplace. WPCR’s Coach played a pivotal part in enabling me to identify and call out inappropriate behaviour, as well as assisting me to interact with the team member in a confident and grounded manner. I credit WPCR with playing a very large part in the restoration of balance in my workplace, which has filtered into my professional performance, happiness in my personal life and overall self-confidence – no mean feat it itself! The approach and personal style of WPCR's Coach was second to none, and the confidential format of the meetings and workshops was both flexible and supportive as the sessions touched on elements of psychology, workplace relations and human behaviour. I highly recommend WPCR’s services to anyone in a supervisory role, to assist with management of all personality types alike”

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John McKimmie
Mechanical and Structural Design Engineer


“I have really enjoyed and feel I have gained a lot through participating; so thank you for running such an excellent program. I feel that some significant inroads have been made into the connections and ongoing peer relations amongst the managers present which is a great outcome.”

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Deborah Kottek
Director of Mission


“I had a department with a complex cultural issue, Catherine skilfully lead an in-depth review of the department to identify the true issues and challenges. Using Catherine’s report I was able to address the big issues and move the culture of the department from dis-functional to a positive productive department in a short time. Very professional and responsive service provided by Catherine and her team.”

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Shaune Gillespie

St. Vincent Private Hospital Melbourne