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Dealing with anger in the workplace

closed fist

“When a person expresses anger towards another, they are actually reflecting on anger within themselves. In essence, “a person cannot be angry with someone else, they can only be angry with themselves”. 1 Do you find yourself exposed to your work colleagues angry rant or stoney silence? Do they make you feel angry too? Rather than […]

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Mediation – a restorative and transformative approach

workers in a meeting

Mediation is a well-known alternative dispute resolution method. However it is extremely under-utilised in the Australian workforce. Many managers and employers dismiss disputes between employees as ‘trivial’ believing that their staff should ‘get over it’ and ‘grow up’. However if staff don’t have the skills to resolve such disputes – many cannot just ‘get over it’.

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Conflict Resolution via Self-Management

Multi tool signifying a do it yourself approach to conflict resolution

Self-management is an informal process that seeks to restore workplace relationships without looking for the alleged perpetrator to be disciplined in some way. It is only appropriate to try this method of conflict resolution if you feel safe to do so. It is important that you, the complainant, remain calm and polite. This process should […]

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Have Your Bullying Policies And Trainings Been Updated?


Recently, the Victorian Government passed legislation that now means the act of bullying can be viewed as a criminal offence. Employees convicted of bullying could be ordered jail terms of up to 10 years. In conjunction with this, Worksafe can still prosecute the employee, manager,company director and/or company owner/s for bullying and/or vicarious liability and fines […]

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Active Listening And Minimising Distractions

Active listening

A recent blog by Team Management Systems likened active listening to playing the game of ‘Chinese Whispers’. Even when the starting person initiates the game with a simple, short sentence and distractions are kept to a minimum in a quiet room – the end person still doesn’t always get the complete and accurate message as […]

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Critical conversations?

Critical conversations

Much has been said about conversations being critical, courageous and difficult. Every conversation is critical in building workplace relationships, improving productivity, engagement, retention etc. Having constructive conversation skills means that no conversation should be difficult or take courage to initiate or respond. Aim for a constructive interaction with colleagues – every time.

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