Workplace Policies

Limiting Liability For Workers’ Compensation Claims

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Does your organisation require a successful job applicant to attend a medical before starting on the job? Does your organisation ask the successful job applicant to complete a written or electronic survey in which one of the questions is, ‘Do you have any injury or illness that the organisation should know about and consider in […]

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What Is Genuine Redundancy?

Catherine Gillespie podcast

Catherine Gillespie, Director of Workplace Conflict Resolution, and Martin Reid, Principal and Head of Litigation at Coulter Roache Lawyers, discuss what employers and managers need to understand about redundancy, particularly with respect to ‘genuine’ redundancy. Transcript Catherine:  Hi I’m Catherine Gillespie Director of Workplace Conflict Resolution and I’m speaking with Martin Reid, Principal and Head […]

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Swearing And Aggressive Conduct Can Warrant Fair Dismissal

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  The Fair Work Commission recently determined that a “qualitative difference” exists between general swearing in the workplace (that is not directed at a person) and swearing at a colleague (that is offensive and highly personalised). In Mark Baldwin v Scientific Management Associates (Operations) Pty Ltd [2014] FWC 5174 (1 August 2014), a worker claimed […]

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Minor Breaches Of Policies And Procedures

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This post is contributed by Workplace Conflict Resolution’s Legal Commentator, Tiffany Healy There are many benefits to implementing policies and procedures in the workplace. One of these benefits includes allowing an organisation to effectively control and manage its workforce. However, the workplace is no exception to the old adage, rules are made to be broken. It […]

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