Stress Management

Mental Health In The Workplace With Georgie Harman

Mental Health Within the Workplace

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Georgie Harman, CEO of beyondblue about the actions that contribute to mentally healthy workplaces.  I recorded the discussion which you can listen to here and/or, take a look at some of the notes taken from the recording below. beyondblue provides access to information, tools, help lines and other […]

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Workplace stress – dealing with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people is the most reported psychosocial risk factor in European service industry workplaces. A major European report has found that dealing with difficult people and time pressures are the two most commonly reported psychosocial risk factors in Europe’s service industry. A significant report that surveyed nearly 50,000 businesses across 36 European countries found poor […]

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Workplace Stress And The Role Of Low-level Poor Behaviour

Workplace Stress Toleration

Often in the workplace, staff members exhibit ‘poor behaviours’ that may not be serious in isolation but can often lead to workplace stress because of their persistent nature. This can include such things as banter with other staff, comments about peers, being unnecessarily loud, interrupting other staff who are working, inciting competition among team members […]

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Are you ready to deal with your employee’s emotional storm?

man in emotional ordeal

Dr Anil Behal (@BehalDr) describes an emotional storm as “an incredibly powerful constellation of emotions and feelings that must be sorted and worked through”. As HR Manager, you don’t need a psycho-therapeutic or psychoanalytic background to know that emotional employees can be quite destructive in the workplace – like a storm or cyclone raging over […]

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How important is the role of a Return to Work Coordinator?

amputee thinking

Q: How important is the role of a Return to Work Coordinator? A: Important enough that their work can minimise the risk of suicide following a work related injury. In a recent case heard in the Northern Territory Magistrate’s Court –  the family of a worker who committed suicide, as a result of suffering depression […]

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Workplace Stress – Conflict And Bullying As Causes

Man feeling workplace stress

Access EAP recently compiled data across all the industries they work with and found the top five causes of workplace stress are: Job insecurity Work overload Organisational change Conflict with manager or colleagues Bullying and harassment We all need some healthy level of stress for stimulation. This amount is different for each of us. Not […]

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The Role Of A Support Person In A Disciplinary Conversation

disciplinary meeting

This post is contributed by Workplace Conflict Resolution’s Legal Commentator, Tiffany Healy One of the most challenging tasks an employer must face is managing and disciplining their employees. Employers are often confronted with situations where they are required to convene meetings to discuss sensitive issues including managing the performance of an employee, discussing inappropriate behaviour in […]

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Bullying Complaints And The Critical Steps To Manage Them

pencils highlighting a pencil

I’m sure that many managers have lost count of the number of times a staff member has come to them in confidence and said, “I’m being bullied. I don’t want you to do anything but…” This dilemma is often discussed with me during Management Training for the Prevention of Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying. Managers […]

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High Demand Employees

High Demand Employees

Does your organisation have a small cohort of employees that sap the energy out of you, leaving you mentally exhausted each time you have to interact with them? Do they seem to take your energy and use it to fuel and feed their own reactions, escalating situations beyond logical comprehension? American data indicates that approximately […]

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