Bullying happens in the workplace because…

gossip in the workplace

From our experience of working with many and varied clients, workplace bullying happens because managers allow it to. Some managers may condone bullying (and in fact display bullying behaviours themselves) because they either consciously or subconsciously subscribe to such ideas as: –          this is the way a person is treated when they are ‘different’ or […]

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Your Stressed Employee May Not be Suitable For The Job

stressed employee in his workstation

Do you have an employee that is finding it stressful to fulfill their tasks and performance obligations? Very often, when an employee claims that their work tasks or expected performance standards are causing them stress, employers tend to panic and immediately look at modifying their duties to avoid a claim for stress under the workers […]

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The Legal Risks Associated With Bad Employee Behaviour?

How Exposed Is Your Organisation To The Legal Risks Associated With Bad Employee Behaviour?

When an employee suffers bullying, harassment or unlawful discrimination in the workplace, who pays the price for such behaviour? Where an employee feels that they have suffered damage because of bullying, harassment or discrimination in the workplace, the employee may choose to proceed with civil action to recover the costs for such damages.  The individual […]

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