Understanding The Importance Of Giving And Receiving Honest Feedback


What happens when our managers can’t give honest feedback to staff?Let’s face it, we all like positive feedback. When given positive feedback, we reward our managers with loyalty, attention, greater productivity and motivation, and a tendency to not ‘rock the boat’. So both the staff member and the manager enjoy the rewards. To apply Freud’s term, […]

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Why I Was In Conflict With You

Why I am in conflict with you… I am in conflict with you because I don’t trust you. I don’t trust you because you have done and said things that contradict what I think is acceptable. Behaviours (actions and comments) that I find acceptable are ones which: - Show me respect - Support my efforts - Align with my values - Do not make me feel uncomfortable or confronted - Are displayed consistently and in a transparent manner - Leave no room for me to second guess your intentions I am less likely to be in conflict with you if we share some aspects of commonality or relatedness. The more we share in common and the more times I have a positive interaction with you, the less chance there is for conflict.

Why I am in conflict with you…I am in conflict with you because I don’t trust you.I don’t trust you because you have done and said things that contradict what I think is acceptable.Behaviours (actions and comments) that I find acceptable are ones which:Show me respectSupport my effortsAlign with my valuesDo not make me feel […]

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Workplace Stress And The Role Of Low-level Poor Behaviour

Workplace Stress Toleration

Often in the workplace, staff members exhibit ‘poor behaviours’ that may not be serious in isolation but can often lead to workplace stress because of their persistent nature. This can include such things as banter with other staff, comments about peers, being unnecessarily loud, interrupting other staff who are working, inciting competition among team members […]

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Addressing both hammer and needle incidents

Hammer and Needle representing metaphor for workplace bullying

Bullying consists of sledge hammers and needles. Chicago Tribune Columnist, Rex Huppke recently wrote about the impact of workplace bullying. He stated: “With workplace bullying, it’s not just the hammers, it’s the day-to-day needles that add up.  “When it comes to workplace bullying, we often focus on the hammers and not the needles.  “Hammers are […]

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Effective Communications In The Workplace


Would you like your managers to communicate more effectively? 85% of conflict is not really conflict but issues arising out of poor communications. To minimise the occurrence of this ‘type of conflict’, we recommend managers are trained in the art of using a ‘precision communication’ model. Precision communication model A precision communication model aims to […]

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Grievance Handling Procedures And Informal Complaints

dog listening

With respect to taking notice of informal complaints and where they fit in the context of grievance handling procedures –there are three types of manager: Those who, when listening to staff, just hear comments but don’t consider them as grievances; Those who, when listening to staff, hear a concern and hold further discussions; and Those […]

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Why Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Can Elude Us


When embroiled in a problem – there is usually something at stake – maybe something intangible like ego/pride, justice/fairness or something more evident like financial or material gain. ‘Having a stake’ in the outcome causes bias, limiting perceptions and therefore possibilities in the way options for solutions can be generated, considered, discussed and agreed upon. […]

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Bullying and reasonable management action

man and woman discussing at work

Let’s not confuse performance management and disciplinary action This confusion is based on an historical and outdated concept. It’s what I call the ‘old paradigm’ of performance management. Performance management is the management of performance or behaviour. This should be happening on an ongoing, informal and daily basis as manager’s work alongside their staff. It […]

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Are you ready to deal with your employee’s emotional storm?

man in emotional ordeal

Dr Anil Behal (@BehalDr) describes an emotional storm as “an incredibly powerful constellation of emotions and feelings that must be sorted and worked through”. As HR Manager, you don’t need a psycho-therapeutic or psychoanalytic background to know that emotional employees can be quite destructive in the workplace – like a storm or cyclone raging over […]

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