Conflict Resolution

Getting to the Heart of Conflict

Getting to the heart of conflict WPCR

‘Getting to the heart of conflict’ is the name of a book written by Professor Bernie Mayer, Lecturer in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at Creighton University. I recently attended a workshop presented by Bernie. He offered a mixture of self reflection and group sharing opportunities along with offering the insights he has gathered, tested, and reflected upon over 30+ years of working in these fields.

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Workplace Humour Can Lead To Workplace Conflict

workplace humour

There certainly is a need for humour and light hearted banter in the workplace to improve team morale and cohesiveness. Typically one employee stands out as the stand up comedian guaranteed to make the crowd chuckle. Over time, it becomes evident if everyone warms to this employee because they have a great sense of humour […]

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Addressing both hammer and needle incidents

Hammer and Needle representing metaphor for workplace bullying

Bullying consists of sledge hammers and needles. Chicago Tribune Columnist, Rex Huppke recently wrote about the impact of workplace bullying. He stated: “With workplace bullying, it’s not just the hammers, it’s the day-to-day needles that add up.  “When it comes to workplace bullying, we often focus on the hammers and not the needles.  “Hammers are the obvious acts of oafish […]

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What we can learn from New Jersey?

view of New Jersey

3 simple lessons we can learn from a little Municipal Court in New Jersey, USA ​Being pioneered is a new program that underpins a lateral view to procedural fairness – that ‘people are far more likely to obey the law if the justice system does not humiliate them, but treats them fairly and with respect’ –  […]

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Effective Communications In The Workplace


Would you like your managers to communicate more effectively? 85% of conflict is not really conflict but issues arising out of poor communications. To minimise the occurrence of this ‘type of conflict’, we recommend managers are trained in the art of using a ‘precision communication’ model. Precision communication model A precision communication model aims to […]

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Unfair Dismissal Upheld Due to Lack Of Process

Fair Go

The recent case of Poultry Harvesting Pty Ltd, highlights how a justifiable reason for dismissal does not meet the requirements of a fair dismissal if a fair process has not been followed. In this case ( [2015] FWC 3126) a worker was sacked for allegedly being intoxicated while at work and causing the death of […]

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Grievance procedures: should a complaint be made in writing?


A complaint or grievance should not be considered valid only when an employee puts their concerns in writing. It used to be considered ‘dangerous’ for a manager or HR to act on an informal complaint that was not in writing. Having seen examples of this in practice, I consider it more dangerous for the manager […]

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Grievance Handling Procedures And Informal Complaints

dog listening

With respect to taking notice of informal complaints and where they fit in the context of grievance handling procedures –there are three types of manager: Those who, when listening to staff, just hear comments but don’t consider them as grievances; Those who, when listening to staff, hear a concern and hold further discussions; and Those […]

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Why Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Can Elude Us


When embroiled in a problem – there is usually something at stake – maybe something intangible like ego/pride, justice/fairness or something more evident like financial or material gain. ‘Having a stake’ in the outcome causes bias, limiting perceptions and therefore possibilities in the way options for solutions can be generated, considered, discussed and agreed upon. An […]

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