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Thank you WPCR for an informative and engaging session presented in a knowledgeable and articulate manner that kept our people focused and interested.


HSE Manager


We engaged with Workplace Conflict Resolution (WPCR) to conduct our professional development for all staff on bullying and harassment. The delivery of this training was excellent, keeping all the staff engaged and informed. We then had a session especially for the leadership team. The trainer had the knowledge and aligned this with our policy and procedures and gave examples of cases. We received positive feedback from staff with some stating they would have liked the session to be longer.

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                           Belinda Papa,                       Senior Advisor - People & Culture


“All the feedback I got from the participants was that this training was incredibly useful to undertake and delivered in a highly professional manner. As the person who organised the training, the entire process from planning to completion was handled marvelously and I felt my input was listened to and valued. Further to the participants' praise of how useful the training will be, not just professionally but also personally, it also highlighted some areas where our own policies were lacking in clarity. That the trainer took the time at the end of her day to talk to me about these issues was exceptional and just goes to show how WPCR is completely serious about improving workplaces.”

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                            Greg Wighton,                                      LTSU Clubs and Societies Officer


Catherine Gillespie of Workplace Conflict Resolution delivered workplace behaviour training for our Line Manager group and then to all staff, demonstrating strong knowledge in the area but also facilitating in a really engaging way. This, combined with the practical focus of the sessions, helped to drive some thoughtful discussion afterwards and we would recommend Catherine to those seeking training in this important area.
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Kerrie Williams,
Director People and Strategy


“Workplace Conflict Resolution has provided separate bullying / harassment training sessions for our executive and senior manager teams. The approach and content was tailored to the experience and needs of each group, resulting in stimulating and engaging conversations about leadership roles and responsibilities across the organisation that continued long after sessions ended. Session content was highly informative, practical, relevant and of an exceptional standard.”

Plant Performance

                           Garry Thomson,                       Executive General Manager


“Workplace Conflict Resolution (WPCR) tailored their presentation to our company as a whole so that we were able to address the conflict we were experiencing. Many staff thought they wouldn’t get much out of the workshop however a couple of months later I see we are still referring to strategies that we discussed on the day and learnt in the workshop. This has been especially helpful for dealing with the many different personalities in the workplace. I would say this was time and money well spent and would highly recommend the team at WPCR for any of their services.”

                                 Kim Miller  


“Workplace Conflict Resolution (WPCR) presented four training sessions on Bullying and Harassment to our 50 staff over one day. The presentation was excellent. It was not just informative but delivered with a sense of humour that kept the audience engaged throughout. Feedback from staff was very positive – 96% of participants believed the session was well presented, while 95% of participants believed the presentation was informative. Staff particularly liked the use of case studies to promote discussion”.

                         Teagan Hickey      


“I really liked the instructor and also the prework to understand the business. ”

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                          Jo Konstandinou,                            Business Manager


"We have appreciated Workplace Conflict Resolution’s assistance and support of our staff member, and believe the coaching program made a significant contribution to his wellbeing, both at work, and personally, over the past few months. We found your approach to be very relevant and appropriate to both our, and our employee’s needs, and he was able to handle some difficult times much more effectively. These skills will stay will him, and will be a great asset in the future.”

Plant Performance

                               Janice Bale,                                       Commercial Manager      


“St John of God Health Care have utilised several Workplace Conflict Resolution services including Conflict Resolution Training and Mediation Services. The Conflict Resolution Training was well received by all staff members across numerous St John of God sites. The delivery of the training was exceptional and management requested further training be offered at the next level. Workplace Conflict Resolution has conducted Mediation conferences for St John of God which have resulted in a positive outcome for all parties involved, including financial savings to our business.”

Plant Performance

                               Kim Byers,                                  Injury Management Coordinator 


“Although a small team, the dynamic of the AAMT staff was poor due to the variety of age, social and cultural demographics. Combined with a member based organisation this made for a negative staff attitude with customers, both internal and external. Workplace Conflict Resolution is addressing the issues at both the individual and team level – you can’t fix a team without addressing individual behaviours. After only two of the sessions the change is palpable with an increase in team approach to solutions and issues. In fact, the result have been so positive that AAMT is now using Workplace Conflict Resolution for the Board of Directors and ongoing Staff support and welfare.”

Plant Performance

                      Tricia Hughes,                             Chief Executive Officer


“Workplace Conflict Resolution were able to respond to our need for training in a short timeline. Staff found the sessions informative and beneficial in dealing with the many forms of conflict that they face in their daily working and home life. I would recommend Workplace Conflict Resolution as an effective and efficient training organisation that is able to customise to your needs.“

Plant Performance

                      Pieter Brook-Rerecich,                   Risk Manager


“I thought our trainer was concise, thorough, friendly and knowledgeable. Look forward to engaging in more study in the future."

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                            Diana Carter,                           Lead Educator


“It was that time again when we needed to conduct compliance based bullying/harassment “refresher training” for Managers, but we wanted to add more impact and interest. There was lots of anecdotal evidence that Managers were finding it difficult to deal with the low-level interpersonal workplace conflict that can often give rise to issues around bullying and/or harassment. Workplace Conflict Resolution was able to hear, understand and quickly respond to our needs, meeting requirements around cost, content and time constraints – to develop and deliver some great training to around 40 of our managers. There was lots of great feedback about the value of the training in boosting conflict resolution skills and we met our compliance requirements.”

                            C. L.


“I chose WPCR to conduct conflict management training for centre directors as this an area you specialise in and your previous testimonials spoke so highly of what you deliver. I was not disappointed and would highly recommend your services elsewhere.”

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                          Sharyn Friend,                           Area Manager


"Our Emergency Response Operators (EROs) are faced daily with very challenging situations. They do an amazing job handling some pretty tough calls, and we, at WV, do all we can help provide them with the tools to be able to support the role they perform. A big thanks to Workplace Harmony Solutions, specifically the Facilitator, who provided our EROs with Conflict Resolution Management training today to help better prepare them for these confronting calls."

                 Amy Hidge,                  Relationship Manager


"I participated in the Conflict Management & Communications Workshop as a part of Workskills, and found the training wonderful, loved it!
Catherine was a very engaging trainer and presented information in an area that I personally am very interested in – the brain, its influence on how we react under conflict or ongoing stress. I found the Concept of Social Pain, Fight or Flight, the E.A.R Model and increasing Resilience very fascinating and try to think about them whilst interacting with a client. Two thumbs up."
Work Skills
Angela Tavasz,
Job Search Consultant


"On behalf of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, we just wanted to say thank you very much for a professional presentation/seminar. Everyone has been very positive with the seminar and how you presented it, and they all would be more than happy for you to come back for future seminars.”

                             Roger Buckle,                          Managing Director


“Thank you for an excellent training session with the executive team – feedback received has been excellent. The content and forum were highly appropriate and was very much appreciated by my fellow colleagues.”

Muriel Marczynski
Director, People; Culture and Information