Workplace Policies

Guidelines for Conducting In-House Workplace Mediations

Just as a meeting agenda keeps a meeting on track, a mediation meeting framework ensures that all important steps are covered and important discussion items are raised and addressed. This framework can provide structure and confidence for a less experienced mediator. One of the most important tips I can offer you is not to rush […]

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Is ‘unfriending on Facebook’ a form of workplace bullying?

Unfriending on Facebook

It is important for HR Practitioners to be aware of the inquiry into Australian Workplace Relations as changes put forward by the Productivity Commission could lead to changes in the Independent Contractors Act 2006 and Fair Work Act 2009 (FWA).Even such actions as unfriending on Facebook may be considered a contributor to a culture of […]

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Unfair dismissal upheld for disciplinary action without procedurally fair investigation or disciplinary process

Fair Go

The recent case of Poultry Harvesting Pty Ltd, highlights how a justifiable reason for dismissal does not meet the requirements of a fair dismissal if a fair process has not been followed. In this case ( [2015] FWC 3126) a worker was sacked for allegedly being intoxicated while at work and causing the death of […]

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5 common mistakes made during the workplace investigation process

Commentary by Elisa Walerys, WPCR Employee Relations Specialist Workplace investigations require a thorough, unbiased and procedurally fair approach. There are common mistakes made during all phases of the investigation process that can put the integrity of the investigation at risk. #1 – Not being responsive Taking too long to respond to a complaint can lead […]

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Swearing And Aggressive Conduct That Threatens The Safety Of Others Warrants Fair Dismissal

  The Fair Work Commission recently determined that a “qualitative difference” exists between general swearing in the workplace (that is not directed at a person) and swearing at a colleague (that is offensive and highly personalised). In Mark Baldwin v Scientific Management Associates (Operations) Pty Ltd [2014] FWC 5174 (1 August 2014), a worker claimed […]

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