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Mental Health In The Workplace With Georgie Harman, CEO of beyondblue

Mental Health Within the Workplace

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Georgie Harman, CEO of beyondblue about the actions that contribute to mentally healthy workplaces. I recorded the discussion which you can listen to here and/or, take a look at some of the notes taken from the recording below.beyondblue provides access to information, tools, help lines and other […]

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Workplace Stress – Low level poor behaviour doesn’t have to be tolerated in the workplace

Workplace Stress Toleration

Often in the workplace, staff members exhibit ‘poor behaviours’ that may not be serious in isolation but can often lead to workplace stress because of their persistent nature. This can include such things as banter with other staff, comments about peers, being unnecessarily loud, interrupting other staff who are working, inciting competition among team members […]

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Six Questions We Should Ask in Performance Review Meetings

Not every team member will be interested in fostering collaboration with others, being innovative or show a willingness to learn and be challenged, but managers should still encourage the development of these characteristics within performance review conversations. Strengthening these personal characteristics will reduce workplace conflict, increase team harmony and improve productivity.

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Can you afford for your organisation to be paying out $1.3 million for avoidable damages?

No organisation wants to be paying out this sum of money and no ethical leaders in that organisation would want one of their staff to suffer any damage let alone damages to the extent that such a sum would be awarded. In regards to a negligence claim, say with a sexual harassment payout, how does […]

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Is ‘unfriending on Facebook’ a form of workplace bullying?

Unfriending on Facebook

It is important for HR Practitioners to be aware of the inquiry into Australian Workplace Relations as changes put forward by the Productivity Commission could lead to changes in the Independent Contractors Act 2006 and Fair Work Act 2009 (FWA).Even such actions as unfriending on Facebook may be considered a contributor to a culture of […]

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Effective Communications In The Workplace


Would you like your managers to communicate more effectively? 85% of conflict is not really conflict but issues arising out of poor communications. To minimise the occurrence of this ‘type of conflict’, we recommend managers are trained in the art of using a ‘precision communication’ model. Precision communication model A precision communication model aims to […]

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Unfair dismissal upheld for disciplinary action without procedurally fair investigation or disciplinary process

Fair Go

The recent case of Poultry Harvesting Pty Ltd, highlights how a justifiable reason for dismissal does not meet the requirements of a fair dismissal if a fair process has not been followed. In this case ( [2015] FWC 3126) a worker was sacked for allegedly being intoxicated while at work and causing the death of […]

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Grievance handling procedures: informal complaints – should managers give them ‘airtime’ or not?

With respect to taking notice of informal complaints and where they fit in the context of grievance handling procedures –there are three types of manager: Those who, when listening to staff, just hear comments but don’t consider them as grievances; Those who, when listening to staff, hear a concern and hold further discussions; and Those […]

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