Workplace humour at the expense of another can lead to workplace conflict

workplace humour

There certainly is a need for humour and light hearted banter in the workplace to improve team morale and cohesiveness. Typically one employee stands out as the stand up comedian guaranteed to make the crowd chuckle. Over time, it becomes evident if everyone warms to this employee because they have a great sense of humour […]

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Workplace Stress – Low level poor behaviour doesn’t have to be tolerated in the workplace

Workplace Stress Toleration

Often in the workplace, staff members exhibit ‘poor behaviours’ that may not be serious in isolation but can often lead to workplace stress because of their persistent nature. This can include such things as banter with other staff, comments about peers, being unnecessarily loud, interrupting other staff who are working, inciting competition among team members […]

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Workplace Conflict Resolution Donation Program: beyondblue

Proudly supporting beyondblue logo

We are proud to support the work of beyondblue through the Workplace Conflict Resolution Donation Program. WPCR donates 5% of its fee for Prevention of Bullying & Harassment training programs to beyondblue. beyondblue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia and to reduce the associated […]

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Reoccurring conflict is not grounds for dismissal unless…

Reoccurring conflict can be a puzzle

This item looks at what can we learn from a Fair Work Commission decision dated 5 December 2014. The case was Jacqueline Lumley v Bremick Pty Ltd Australia t/a Bremick Fasteners (C2014/5516). Reoccurring conflict between the same two parties may be grounds for dismissal if all reasonable steps have been taken to resolve the matter underpinning the […]

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Workplace Mediation – the Benefit of Participation

Workplace Mediation

At times we can feel overwhelmed by the frustration or hurt we believe has been caused by a colleague who has shown a lack of consideration, displayed inappropriate behaviours, used offensive language or is just not ‘playing fair’ as part of a team. Repeated small incidents plant the seed for workplace conflict. With no resolution […]

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Six Questions We Should Ask in Performance Review Meetings

Not every team member will be interested in fostering collaboration with others, being innovative or show a willingness to learn and be challenged, but managers should still encourage the development of these characteristics within performance review conversations. Strengthening these personal characteristics will reduce workplace conflict, increase team harmony and improve productivity.

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Can you afford for your organisation to be paying out $1.3 million for avoidable damages?

No organisation wants to be paying out this sum of money and no ethical leaders in that organisation would want one of their staff to suffer any damage let alone damages to the extent that such a sum would be awarded. In regards to a negligence claim, say with a sexual harassment payout, how does […]

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Mediation – Steve Wozniak’s words of wisdom to Steve Jobs

Eye representing focus on mediation

This case highlights the importance of mediation and one of the reasons for engaging the services of an independent workplace mediator. Steve Wozniak understood that issues for debate and confrontations are not black and white and sometimes we need to look at things differently. In an article  written by mediator, Jan Schau, she refers to the […]

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Addressing both hammer and needle incidents

Hammer and Needle representing metaphor for workplace bullying

Bullying consists of sledge hammers and needles. Chicago Tribune Columnist, Rex Huppke recently wrote about the impact of workplace bullying. He stated: “With workplace bullying, it’s not just the hammers, it’s the day-to-day needles that add up.  “When it comes to workplace bullying, we often focus on the hammers and not the needles.  “Hammers are […]

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