Cathy Freeman Foundation supports education initiatives for Indigenous children

I recently had the honour of meeting Catherine Freeman and enjoyed discussing the important work done by the Cathy Freeman Foundation (CFF) to help Indigenous children experience their potential in school, and beyond. CFF currently works with 1600 school-aged children and their families by partnering with four remote Indigenous communities across Australia; Palm Island & […]

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Brisbane Courts support Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes including Mediation

mediation for alternative dispute resolution

Mediation is proving to be a very successful alternative process to resolving disputes. If the courts are endorsing the use of workplace mediation then it makes sense for workplaces to follow suit. The Queensland Magistrates, Supreme and District Courts use Alternative Dispute Resolution in civil cases to help parties (organisations and individuals) to reach settlement […]

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Effective Communications In The Workplace


Would you like your managers to communicate more effectively? 85% of conflict is not really conflict but issues arising out of poor communications. To minimise the occurrence of this ‘type of conflict’, we recommend managers are trained in the art of using a ‘precision communication’ model. Precision communication model A precision communication model aims to […]

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Unfair dismissal upheld for disciplinary action without procedurally fair investigation or disciplinary process

Fair Go

The recent case of Poultry Harvesting Pty Ltd, highlights how a justifiable reason for dismissal does not meet the requirements of a fair dismissal if a fair process has not been followed. In this case ( [2015] FWC 3126) a worker was sacked for allegedly being intoxicated while at work and causing the death of […]

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Grievance handling procedures: informal complaints – should managers give them ‘airtime’ or not?

With respect to taking notice of informal complaints and where they fit in the context of grievance handling procedures –there are three types of manager: Those who, when listening to staff, just hear comments but don’t consider them as grievances; Those who, when listening to staff, hear a concern and hold further discussions; and Those […]

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Why Negotiation & the Resolution of Conflict Can Often Elude Us (…and how Strategic Thinking Leadership Can Help)


When embroiled in a problem – there is usually something at stake – maybe something intangible like ego/pride, justice/fairness or something more evident like financial or material gain. ‘Having a stake’ in the outcome causes bias, limiting perceptions and therefore possibilities in the way options for solutions can be generated, considered, discussed and agreed upon. […]

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5 common mistakes made during the workplace investigation process

Commentary by Elisa Walerys, WPCR Employee Relations Specialist Workplace investigations require a thorough, unbiased and procedurally fair approach. There are common mistakes made during all phases of the investigation process that can put the integrity of the investigation at risk. #1 – Not being responsive Taking too long to respond to a complaint can lead […]

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